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Roger Williams (1947 – 2018)

By Jim Earnshaw and Lizzie Bowring

The service to celebrate the life and times of Bawdrip resident, Roger Williams was held on Thursday 14 June 2018 at Sedgemoor Crematorium. There were stories with anecdotes, jokes with laughter, and tale upon tale with many witticisms / ‘Rogerisms’.

Tributes were delivered by Mark House, Dave Parker and Lizzy Bowring. She with her family, had had the pleasure of being a friend to Annie and Roger for thirty years.

She told the following short story to underscore exactly the type of individual Roger was. ‘One day, Mum was extremely grumpy and said “Oh am so sick of life:, its time I went to God. “

Immediately Roger turned to her and said, “Well in that frame of mind, not even God would want you.” He had that special knack of making her laugh, making her feel special and I think that was true for everyone:.’

A large crowd thronged the Knowle Inn after the ceremony to remember a very special person and the family would like to thank everyone who attended the service, especially appreciating the kind donations made m Roger’s memory to Prostate Cancer UK.

Roger was a long-time resident in Bawdrip and served two stints as chairman of the Parish Council from 2000. With the quiet support of his wife, Annie, he steered the village through the period of the re-development of the Village centre. He could talk to anyone and could listen and not take offence with his dry wit calming down argument. Thus, he kept the Parish Council on an even keel

He was a gregarious person chatting to many in the Knowle lnn and inviting guests to his man shed (which he had long before they were a fashion item) where he entertained with refreshments and good music on many a summer evening.

He was passionate about good modern music and especially interested in technically gifted musicians. He organised trips to local events to enjoy the best that was available. He was an excellent cook trained by the services and enjoyed working in his kitchen and he used to enjoy telling amusing stories about how he had ·escaped· from the services.

Although coming from North Wales he made himself a real Somerset man with a deep interest in fishing, which he carried on practising until his final weeks.

Clay pigeon shooting was another area in which he excelled, and he organised shoots locally. He went out of his way to make these charity fund raising affairs raising good sums for the Air Ambulance: helicopter rescue service.

Roger was one of the best. He kept a lovely pair of dogs; a friendly tail wagging pair and you can also tell a man’s character from h is dogs’ behaviour.

Lizzie Bowring finished her tribute with the following thoughts, even if you thought at times he was a cantankerous old bugger (Which he was) he was also always

there for all of us; lending encouragement and support through the thick and the thin, the rough and the smooch …

Roger, your humour, generosity and bravado, right up to the very· end will never die in our memories. As my father said, “It’s only goodbye for now·, We will see you in ‘heaven”.