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Church Gates Mystery

churchyard gates

At the start of the Second World War the gates and light supports at the three entrances to the churchyard were removed for safekeeping. This was meant to be for the duration of the war. The gates were hidden in the Rectory garden whilst the arches supporting the lamps were buried there.

At the end of the war the gates were replaced but for some reason not the arches. Although over the years their absence was remarked upon, nothing was done, and it appeared that they had been lost forever. Then in 1969 Rev. Rigg arrived at the Rectory. He was a keen gardener and started digging and very soon came across the buried arches!

They were cleaned up and put back in place and using money donated at a funeral and the electricity was reconnected. The only thing not put back, possibly because they were damaged, were the glass panels that protected the light bulbs – these are still missing to this day.

Link Magazine Nov 2001