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Combe Cottage, Eastside Lane

previously known as Hillside Farm

coombe cottage old

Combe Cottage c.1930

Combe Cottage was so named by the Taits when they purchased it in 1961 as there was another property on the Bath Road known as Hillside and mail kept going to the wrong property.  It is purely coincidence that the name Combe Cottage was chosen, as Joy says they were unaware of any early connection with Combe being part of Bawdrip, as previously discussed in the chapter on The Manor of Bawdrip.

The Lords’ Rent payable on this property was 14s1d, with a herriott payable on death of one best beast or £5 and can be traced through the rent rolls from 1714 to 1769.  There is a date above an old fireplace of 1629, but this may be the date when the new fireplace was installed and the property could be much older.  This property we are certain is No. 2 on the Estate map, No. 1 being Court Farm and Barkers Farm No. 3.

We are pretty certain also that this is part of the messuage referred to in the 1589 Manor Court as belonging to Richard Hayard and his daughter Katherine.  The Haywards house recorded as being in great decay and was ordered by the Court to be repaired.  It maybe at that time that the 2 messuages were created, as after this date the lease always refers to 2 messuages.

There is an entry in the Manor Court Roll for 15.10.1590 for a lease to a Richard Hayward on the life of Katherine, his daughter for “2 messuages with 29 acres of arable and pasture.”   Richard or Katherine do not appear on the Court Rolls after 1596.  This is almost definitely the same property as that referred to in the 1714 lease below, but, unfortunately, we do not have a definite link.

The first definite entry we have is in 1714 when a John Prickman took a lease on the property on the lives of himself and John Evans “2 messuages or tenements containing 29 acres of meadow and pasture.”  This reference to 2 messuages seems to indicate that there was another dwelling on this site.  Prickman is shown on the rent rolls as paying the rental of 14s1d until 1763.

3.1.1764 Revd. Willoughby Stanbury, who was Rector at the Church from 1754, purchased the lease on the lives of himself aged 30, his wife Elizabeth, aged 31,  and their son Henry.  Lease of 2 messuages or tenements containing 28 acres of land, meadow and pasture.  Lords Rent 14s1d.  Herriott best beast or £5.  Previously John Prickman

1768 there is reference to one of Willoughby Stanbury’s properties called “Staford” and, this almost certainly refers to Combe Cottage.

1769 Survey of the Manor regarding the  sale of manor. 2 messuages or tenement of land, meadow and pasture.  29 acres.  Rent 14s1d.  Herriott £5.  Est yearly value £18

8.11.1769 Standbury is still holding the lease and in October 1770, following the sale of the Rolle Estate, Willoughby Stanbury bought the properly along with Barkers Farm and it was then listed as “messuage, tenament and 29 acres, late in possession of John Prickman.” The property then partially passed to James Parsons, who had married Willoughby Stanbury’s eldest daughter, Elizabeth.  At that time Parsons was farming an old farm where Uplands now stands.

In 1795 the owners are listed as James Parsons, Henry Stanbury (clerk of Holy Order) and Farnces Stanbury, spinster.  Occupied by Joel Pole and others.

1841 Tithe Award shows the owner as Revd. Joseph C Bradney, tenant James Pople.  The 1841 census gives more details on the occupants.  James Pople aged 52, farm labourer, Sarah his wife, aged 52.  Children Mary 18, William 14, Thomas 10, Elizabeth 8.

1865 will of Joseph C Bradney in which he leaves the property to his wife Sarah Decima Bradney.

1868 Sarah Decima Bradney died, property left to Joseph A Bradney, probably her son.

1881 census William Varman aged 61, carpenter.  His wife Ann, a dressmaker, aged 55.  Son Joseph aged 18, a carpenter.

1891 census William Varman aged 81, wheelwright/carpenter.

In 1907 William Carter Slocombe was the owner and possibly leased the house to a Mrs Shorney who lived here in the early 20th century.

By 1918 Clement Giles was the tenant.

16.05.1919 Ernest Thomas Hector purchased the house for £395 “all that messuage dwelling with outbuildings and orchard, 3 acres, 34 perches.”

By 1942 Ernest Hector had died, but Mrs Hector continued in residency until 1961 when she too died.

By 1961 Combe Cottage was bought by Mr and Mrs Tait.  As at 2000 Mrs Joy Tait was still living here.

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