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Greenfield Cottage (on older maps referred to as Greenfield House), Tithe 183

Now rebuilt as two separate properties – Lane End Cottage and Greenfield Cottage. 

Greenfield Cottage before renovation c.1995

As one property in 1841 it was occupied by Francis Pole and owned by Edward Isaacs.  The 1841 census shows the occupiers as Francis Pole, aged 42, a carpenter.  Wife Mary aged 44.  Children Sidney 15, Elizabeth 11, Emma 8. Ellen 5.

In 1848 a section of the house, referred to then as “The new part” (now Lane End Cottage) was built, most probably on the site of a much older section of the original building.  Lane End Cottage has a very old cellar which was found during the renovations in 1995 and must have been part of that original very early property.

1851 census Francis Pole, aged 52.  Wife Mary, aged 54.  Children Emma 17 and Ellen 14.  By the time of the 1861 census the Poles had moved to No. 10 The Cottage, Church Path.

1861 census Henry Hellier aged 46, gentleman farmer.  Wife Jane aged 53.

1866 Kellys Directory lists the occupier as Henry Hellier.

1871 census Henry Hellier, house proprietor, aged 56, born in Whitechapel, London.   Wife Harried aged 65.

1881 census Henry Hellier, pensioner.

14.8.1885 Henry Hellier died, his occupation was listed as retired painter and stationer.

6.10.1885  John Dyment bought the property at auction.   The auction details describe the property as “Dwelling house with lawn, kitchen garden, stable and gig-house adjoining, situate in the centre of the village.  Parlour, sitting-room, china pantry, kitchen, 6 bedrooms and the usual domestic offices.  Good cellar accommodation and a plentiful supply of water.  The premises are very suitable for a private residence or for dairy or other purposes.  Freehold land known as Furlong no. 480 on the tithe map.”

1891 census John Dyment, aged 48, small farmer born Charlynch.  Wife Eleanor aged 50.

1901 census John Dyment aged 58, wife Eleanor aged 60.

Sometime in the early 1900s the property belonged to a Mr Hawkins and subsequently a Mr Swan, a retired stockbroker.  When Mr Swan died he left the property to his housekeeper Ethel Hamlin.  Ethel later married Alfred Wensley.[1]

24.11.1969 Alfred Wensley died, aged 84.  He originated from Mark and had come to Bawdrip in 1902.

28.12.1969 Ethel Wensley plus Mrs Dickinson (who may have been Ethel’s daughter) who had moved in to the house to look after her.

01.04.1979 Ethel Wensley died aged 191 and left the property to Kathleen Dickinson.  December 1994 Kathleen Dickinson died.  Mrs Dickinson had been looked after by a local girl, Ann Hurley, and the property was left to her.  By this time the house was in a very bad state of repair.  The old wattle and daub internal walls, which were beyond saving, had to be replaced and the house required extensive repairs.

It was rebuilt as two separate properties.  Ann Hurley now owns the original cottage and Tony Smith owns the “new part” and named it Lane End Cottage.

During the renovations two old musket guns, possibly dated from the time of the Battle of Sedgemoor, were found submersed in the water which filled the cellar.  The muskets are now in the possession of the present owners of Lane End and Greenfield Cottage.

 Lane End Cottage – see Greenfield Cottage above.

Lane end cottage 1997 before garage built

[1] Alf Wensley had lived at Millstone Cottage (known as The Retreat) prior to moving to Greenfield Cottage in 1939

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