Securing our history for the future

Interactive Maps show the Heritage trails around the village and surrounding area.

The three are coloured as follows:

Blue starting at the Village Green for a description of this trail (click here)

Green starting at the King Sedgemoor Drain for a description of this trail (click here)

Red starting on the former Bridgwater Railway for a description of this trail (click here)

Click on the pins on the maps to see some basic details. Further details are available a click away in most cases by clicking the opened box.

Click on the board icon on the map below for more details of each of the interpretation boards


Printed copies of the trails are also available at the following locations;  Bawdrip Church, Parish Hall, and Bawdrip Garage

You can also download a copy by clicking here

Please note:

The trails shown are entirely on public rights of way or within areas that are open for public access.

We are therefore not responsible for the routes or for your safety if you follow them.

If you find any problems with the route please contact the relevant local authority rights of way section

For details of the Heritage Project click here